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Wittmer Associates / George B. Wittmer Associates, Inc. was incorporated in the Fall of 1994 as a Florida-registered environmental waste services and management company, originally focused upon petroleum contaminated soil management and spill-site remediation. In 1998, Wittmer acquired BMH Materials, a drummed and bulk waste processing facility in Green Cove Springs, FL, and in the same year, we entered the pulp and paper industry as a contracted bulk waste processor and beneficial re-use provider for (the former) Jefferson Smurfit Corporation.

Sustainable Soil Solutions

Over the past fifteen years, we have used our expertise in soil management to continually expanded our operations and focus on developing natural, sustainable products and solutions for soil health. Our solutions provide organic nutrients to plants, water holding capacity for soil, and pest and disease defenses without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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Our Services

Wittmer Associates is a knowledgeable and experienced team providing “cradle to customer” services for recovering, processing, and marketing residuals for benefical re-use. If your firm produces residuals, contact us. It may be the most environmentally and economically sensible call you will ever make.

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Beneficial Re-Use

Wittmer annually recycles hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of various industrial discard streams in order to supply millions of pounds of natural soil amendments, soil blends, and potting soil materials. Every day, we recover, recondition, process, and ship a very wide assortment of recovered residual streams.

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