Tree Transplanting BeforeTree Transplanting After

Tree Transplanting Procedure – ABS

Our new ABS Tree Planting protocols are developing a deserved reputation among tree planting professionals for its ability to help trees transplanted or otherwise stressed, avoid mortality. This trial was conducted in August 2019 to demonstrate the ability of our ABS liquid and granular products to help with the survivability of transplanted trees.

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West Nassau High School BeforeAfter

West Nassau High School – Wild Earth Top Soil

The soil at the West Nassau High School sports turf was amended with Wild Earth Top Soil, which includes Wittmer’s ABS natural plant nutrition formulation. One week after application, the field showed excellent healing of stressed areas and an overall improvement in turf health.

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Ocean Drive BeforeOcean Drive After

Ocean Drive – Wild Earth Top Soil

This ocean-front lot at Jacksonville Beach was prepped for sod on June 14, 2020. The soil was amended with Wild Earth Top Soil, which includes Wittmer’s ABS Solution. By June 23, sod laid over Wild Earth Top Soil exhibited new, healthy root growth down into the amended soil.

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SEDA Homes BeforeSEDA Homes After

SEDA Homes – 5% For Life

SEDA Homes Lake Park community in Fernandina Beach, Forida, was approximately half-built with 100 lots left to sell. Soil conditions at the site were some of the most depleted in the state. With a goal of improving soil quality throughout the community, SEDA Homes completed a trial with Wild Earth 5% For Life soil consisting of stabilized 1/2 compost blended with ABS. The turf planted in our 5% For Life ABS amended soil now stands out as a marquee quality statement for SEDA Homes.

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