SEDA Homes 5% For Life Pre-Construction Amendment

SEDA Homes Lake Park community in Fernandina Beach, Forida, was approximately half-built with 100 lots left to sell. Soil conditions at the site were some of the most depleted in the state.

With a goal of improving soil quality throughout the community, SEDA Homes completed a trial with Wild Earth 5% For Life soil consisting of stabilized 1/2 compost blended with ABS.

Incorporating Wild Earth compost with ABS into soils that are disturbed or damaged by human development (such as typical construction practices) has many benefits for the overall health of the soil ecosystem including:

  • Improved water retention
  • Increased infiltration rates
  • Greater binding ability
  • pH stabilization
  • Micronutrient enrichment
SEDA Homes BeforeSEDA Homes After

These micro-level soil benefits, in turn, lead to significant community benefits on a macro-level, such as:

  • Improved water conservation
  • Reduced non-point source pollution (through enhanced natural management of agricultural and urban stormwater runoff)
  • Reduced erosion and stream sedimentation
  • Healthier plant life
  • Reduced fertilizer and pesticide needs

The observations below are from a 5% amendment of Wild Earth compost applied to standard pre-construction prepped soil at the Flora Parke SEDA Homes new homes development.

SEDA Homes Results

Prior to applying the 5% For Life soil, organic matter was almost nonexistent. Existing turf laid at the finished homes were stressed to various levels.

For their trials, SEDA Homes received approximately 140 cubic yards of Wittmer Wild Earth 5% for life soil which consist of stabilized 1/2 compost blended with ABS.

SEDA Homes Results
SEDA Homes Results

The amended compost was tilled in to a depth of 4” to 6” prior to sod installation.

Sod planted on the amended soil (right side of image) rooted in at two weeks and exhibited substantial green up compared to the established sod adjacent to the model home lot. Irrigation was cut back 30% right away and as the turf root zone matures another 30% reduction is realistic.

SEDA Homes Results
SEDA Homes Results

The turf planted in our 5% For Life ABS amended soil now stands out as a marquee quality statement for SEDA Homes Flora Park development. The savings in irrigation and fertilization costs are proving the value of this program and demonstrating added value for the builder that is easily monetized.