Mitigating Tree Transplanting Stress with ABS

Tree transplanting has come a long way over the years. With the development of sophisticated equipment, larger and older trees have become more common for transplanting. Our liquid concentrate ABS and granular ABS products will help in the survivability of these endeavors.

Application Rates

Under normal conditions, we recommend 5 pounds of granular per inch caliper. With the liquid concentrate, we suggest the 2 ounces per gallon of water rate with a drench application at a minimum of 5 gallons per inch caliper. Both should be applied to the outer edges of the root ball. This will help to stimulate the roots that were severed. It is crucial that these are applied as soon as possible. Our granular ABS product is all-natural and will not burn so that a higher application can be used without harm. Apply the granular at the drip line as well. More is not better with our liquid concentrate. Stick with the 2 ounces per gallon of water recommendation. A more diluted solution may be applied at this rate to help promote new root growth.

Tree Transplantation Tips

Spraying a foliar application (2 oz./gal. water) before digging and after transplanting will help reduce the stress and shock on the tree. Applications should be applied one or two days prior to digging and another within two days post-planting. Allow a three-hour window without rain for these applications.

Under high-stress conditions, extreme heat, and or drought conditions all three methods will help in the survival of the tree. Trees should be transplanted to the same or similar soil types. Almost all conditions for transplanting are different.

Our new ABS Tree Planting protocols are developing a deserved reputation among tree planting professionals for its ability to help trees transplanted or otherwise stressed, avoid mortality. We are always available for consultations with unique situations. We also realize that these applications can add extra cost, especially with larger and older specimens; however, success is priceless!

Tree Transplanting Results

This Bald Cyprus was intentionally stressed in August 2019, possibly the worst time of year to expect
any recovery, then treated with the ABS tree planting protocols.

Six weeks after application, the tree shows healthy recovery and new growth.

Tree Transplanting Recovery