Services Provided by George B. Wittmer Associates

It takes talented, experienced personnel to make the difference. Wittmer Associates is a knowledgeable and experienced team providing “cradle to customer” services. Wittmer provides every step in the process from materials analyses; regulator negotiations; product labeling; inventory and destination control and recordkeeping; documentation; on- or off-site processing; transportation; distribution to industry consumers; and long-term quality control of commodities. There is no substitute for the competence, experience, and reliability every Wittmer client expects and depends upon.

Services Provided:

  • Recovering of large volume forest industry byproducts
  • Processing byproducts to produce commodity products
  • Marketing / Distributing products
  • Developing new markets for low-value commodity material
  • Diverting “landfill bound” materials to highest and best re-use applications

Wittmer owns and operates a fleet of heavy material handling and processing equipment including bulldozers, excavators, dump and live bottom tractor/trailers, processing plant and big bucket loaders. We handle several thousand cubic yards per day: recovered, processed, and out the gate to the commodity consumer.

Give us a look and a call. If your firm produces residuals and you are stockpiling, landfilling, or otherwise allowing the streams to back up and sit around, why not take a few minutes and review our website, and then contact us. It may be the most environmentally and economically sensible call you will ever make.

Wittmer Converts Industrial Byproducts into Commodities

GBWA, Inc. annually recycles hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of various industrial discard streams and supplies millions of pounds of soil amendments, soil blends, and potting soil materials. Every day, we recover, recondition, process, and ship (by truck, rail, and barge) a very wide assortment of recovered residual streams in large volumes such as wood ash Biochar, precipitated carbonates, flume grit, wood yard waste, off-specification boiler fuel solids, stockpiled bark, shives, knots, butts, and other materials previously landfilled.

Wittmer eliminates waste stream management, handling, storage and liability by efficiently transforming industrial residual streams into commodities for use by other industries.

We provide 100% turn-key residual recovery and beneficial re-use services.

Our beneficial re-use services are supported by responsible relationships with environmental regulatory agencies and scientists of CH2MHill and all of the processed by-products Wittmer handles for our upstream clients carry registered product labels issued by various states’ Departments of Agriculture.

  • Byproducts Processing and Recycling
  • 200-Acre Soil Products Facility
  • Capture and Removal
  • Blends and Products
  • Loading and Distribution
  • Product Handling
  • Final Processing