Soil Health Solutions for a Sustainable Planet

Soil Health CycleHealthy soil is a diverse ecosystem of living microorganisms and decomposing organic matter. Synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides strip organic matter from soil and destroy this natural balance.

The result is soil incapable of supporting microbial colonization, retaining water, and providing the nutritional building blocks for life. The best, most sustainable way to restore soil health is NOT by using more chemicals but by restoring organic matter and microbial balance through high quality soil maintenance practices using all natural inputs.

We provide healthy soil solutions, protocols, and products that help to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Our products and solutions return all natural, organic nutrients and microbes to the soil.

ABS Solution


Natural Products and Protocols for a Sustainable Planet

ABS is a natural plant growth nutrition formulation made with a proprietary blend of seaweed extract and humate ABS enhances the nutrient value of compost and mulch, and provides an organic maintenance alternative to chemical fertilizers. One cubic yard of ABS compost per 100 square feet can achieve up to 5% organic matter.

ABS Benefits

ABS provides multiple benefits for soil health and plant growth, including:

  • Stimulates depth and mass of root development
  • Speeds germination to young plants and repair to damaged plants
  • Improves resistance to disease and nematodes
  • Improves resistance to severe weather conditions
  • Improves fungicide performance with fewer/less applications
  • Raises Cationic Exchange Capacity – for soil structure & water retention
ABS Applications

ABS can be applied as a natural root and plant growth supplement in a wide variety of situations.

  • ABS can be applied on crops, lawns and plantings to replace synthetic chemical fertilizers
  • ABS can be combined with compost and mulch to create an enhanced organic planting media
  • ABS can be tailored to solve nutrient, planting and disease issues for specific crops such as Cannabis
ABS Products
  • ABS-Liquid: Cold fusion of Humate and Seaweed for quick boost, long effects
  • ABS-Granular: Pure humate for slow release nutrition
  • ABS-Prescription Soils: Natural compost with ABS enhancement
  • ABS-Active Mulch: Colored mulch with ABS for ornamental plantings, water regulation
ABS-Pro and Protocol

For professionals and green thumbs, we offer ABS-Pro products through the ABS Protocol, a process of amending soil with ABS enhanced compost and regular liquid and granular applications that can maintain organic matter density at same ongoing cost of synthetic chemical fertilizers but without synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers, the ABS Protocol creates a natural cumulative effect—building soil health, increasing root strength and density, and boosting plants’ ability to survive drought and pest stress.

5% For Life

5% For Life

Soil Health & Water Management from the Root Cause

5% For Life is Wittmer’s a soil health and water conservation management protocol. It includes amending soil with compost prior to planting and then utilizing organic nutrients, plant based extracts, humus, humite, top dressing and mulch to replace synthetic chemical fertilizers year round.

Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers, our 5% Organic Matter protocol creates a natural cumulative effect building soil health, increasing root strength and density, and boosting plants’ ability to survive drought and pest stress.

Organic Matter in soil serves many critical roles. It attracts, binds and retains nutrients needed for plant life, balances pH levels, and holds carbon in the soil. Organic matter supports microbial life that breaks down nutrients for plants and naturally fends off disease and pests. In addition, each pound of organic matter holds 20 lbs. of water which helps plants survive droughts.

Healthy Soil Composition
Ideal Soil Composition

5% Organic Matter is ideal for healthy soil & water. Increasing Organic Matter is key to improving soil and pant health and increasing water storage capacity. 5% Organic Matter content by volume is considered ideal according to the USDA.

What can 5% Organic Matter can achieve?
  • 30% less water use and higher plant survival in droughts
  • 30% to 70% less chemical pesticide and herbicide usage
  • 30 % to 50% less chemical/nutrient leaching and run off
  • Healthier, sustainable planet

5% Organic Matter can be attained and sustained using Wittmer’s 5% For Life protocol along with good management practices including the use of compost and other natural inputs.



Stable Soils for Amazing Growth

Biochar is a relatively new term for charcoal used as a soil additive. However, the idea of incorporating charred matter into soil is centuries old. This practice resulted in what is now known as terra preta, dark, fertile soil with high charcoal content found in South America’s Amazon Basin. Created thousands of years ago, terra preta soils have shown above-average nutrient levels and better retention of those nutrients yielding high crop productivity.

The Biochar itself is a form of carbon that lasts thousands of years in the soil, providing a baseline of stable soil carbon. Also, Biochar acts like a condominium for soil biota, as it retains nutrients in the soil, even during heavy rains. This allows the grower to purchase and apply less fertilizer for years after the Biochar has been added to the soil while receiving ongoing improved yields.

If you are in charge of managing a large area of turf and you need an organic turf product, then consider one of the Wittmer-Agricycle Biochar Soil Mix products. We create unique mixes that combine the right natural material and amendments. Biochar and Biochar soil mixes are designed to make your sports turf, city park, golf course look amazing on top and optimize your root zones health! Make your soil strong and healthy with an immediate impact from our engineered compost soils, ABS amendments, and the right balance of good bacteria and fungi.

Wild Earth Products

Wild Earth

Natural Soil Products for Your Lawn & Garden

Wild Earth products are designed to provide you with all-natural, chemical free alternatives for residential lawn and garden applications. Enhanced with ABS, Wild Earth products have been shown to enrich in the soil for longer than traditional potting soils and chemical fertilizers.

Wild Earth Products
  • Wild Earth Potting Soil
  • Wild Earth Compost
  • Wild Earth Mulch
What does healthy soil mean for your home?
  • Zero chemical fertilizers on your lawn, kids and pets
  • 5,000 less gallons of water per year (avg. per 1000 sf)
  • Significant reduction of pesticides and herbicides
  • Healthier, more sustainable home and garden